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Rove and O'Reilly Suddenly All Upset About "Partisan Bickering"

Reported by Deborah - September 30, 2008 -

Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly were "surprised" and "appalled" by Nancy Pelosi's partisan rhetoric yesterday. Rove, supreme expert on partisan rhetoric, whined to O'Reilly that Republicans were forced to endure five minutes of the "most vicious partisan rhetoric" from Nancy Pelosi. Rove claimed, "No wonder these Republicans were reluctant to cross the line to vote for it." with video

Rove described all the horrid behaviors from Democrats the poor Republicans were forced to witness before the vote concluding that they were driven to withdraw their votes. O'Reilly joined in with his theories about Nancy Pelosi's and Democrats plans to use the situation politically. Rove slyly objected with, "I'm not willing to go so far that she was willing to tank the economy for partisan reasons." ( He may not be "willing" but he made sure to plant the idea in viewers minds)

Then they turned the discussion to how Republicans can use the economy to win the election. Remember, if you're Republican it's not partisan it's patriotic.