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McCain may "suspend" campaign "again" for bailout bill

Reported by Chrish - September 30, 2008 -

Oops, did I say "bailout"? The new terminology, per Steve Doocy and credited to Neil Cavuto on FOX and Friends this morning 9/30/08, is "rescue" - that will make it easier for Main Street to swallow. John MCCain made an appearance on that show to second Barack Obama's call to raise the FDIC coverage on individual accounts to $250,000 per, and in response to a question from Doocy announced that he'll do whatever it takes to get that bailout passed, even if it means "suspending" his campaign "again."
With video.

Note that Steve Doocy says they have never, ever received as many (angry) emails as today, on who to blame on the bailout failure, but he does not disclose any tally or estimate of results. Must be running heavily against Republicans.

McCain will do whatever's necessary, including putting his campaign on the back burner, and promised "If we fail the first time, it won't be the first time - but we will fix this problem."

What a sacrifice if he has to cancel Sarah Palin's appearance at the debate with Joe Biden Thursday night!