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Like Father Like Daughter? Does Sarah Palin Get Her "News" From Fox?

Reported by Melanie - September 30, 2008 -

Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin's father, was a guest yesterday (September 29, 2008) on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. (Given what happened in the financial world Monday it's a testament to Fox's unfailing commitment to propagandize for the GOP that Cavuto had time for an interview like this on a day like that.)

Early on, Cavuto asked Heath about Palin's performance in interviews: "Alright. I know you know she's got a good sorta gut but, but, I know many in the campaign have been saying, we're over kinda rehearsing her. We're, we're inundating her with notebook after notebook of facts and figures and a lotta these interviews Chuck, it's, it's like she's not herself. What do you make of that?"

Heath: "Well, I really can't comment, comment on that. Ah, I've seen her for years and years, ah, talk and ah, on the interviews that she's done outside, I haven't seen that many. Um. I was at the national convention. I thought she did a great job there. I saw her with Hannity. Ah, she did a great job there. But other than that, I haven't seen her on hardly any interviews so I really can't comment on that Neil."

Here's video:

Comment: Maybe Heath was fibbing to protect his daughter but (watch the video) I don't think so. He sounds like he's telling the truth. So, that means he didn't see the Gibson interview (ABC) or the Couric interview (CBS) or Maria Bartiromo's interview (CNBC)...but he did see Hannity's (Fox). Sounds like the TV at the Heath residence is glued to Fox. Maybe Palin's is too and that helps explain why she's so, ah, uninformed.