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FOX in full damage control mode, blaming Democrats and ignoring Republican contribution to bill's failure

Reported by Chrish - September 30, 2008 -

Although the final vote on the supposedly bi-partisan bill that failed yesterday was 65 Republicans and 140 Democrats for, and 135 Republicans and 95 Democrats against, this morning 9/30/08 FOX and Friends twisted twelve ways to Sunday on how the Democrats were responsible for the failure of the bill.
With video.

Primarily to blame on FOX is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose comments about the Bush administration policies and practices that immediately preceded this crisis were not appreciated by party-first Republicans. To punish her for the public scolding, twelve Republicans reportedly changed their votes at the last minute. Had they voted as expected the bill would have squeaked by 217:216; but this is lost on FOX.

Instead, the Friends focused on Democrats who did not vote for the bill and chastised them and their party - even though as a whole Democrats voted for the bill 3:2 and Republicans voted against it 2:1.

We can play with these numbers for another week (although the raw data is pretty stark); my point is that FOX News, fairandbalanced, is siding with their Republicans in blaming Democrats for failure to pass a supposedly bipartisan bill.

Note Gretchen Carlson's excited amazement that over 90 Democrats didn't vote for it - completely ignoring that 135 Republicans didn't either! Note how Steve Doocy singles out 16 freshman Democrats up for re-election being "allowed" by Pelosi to vote "no" - because she knew she'd still have enough yeses to pass the bill, assuming Republicans delivered their agreed upon votes, clearly a bad assumption. Note that Doocy stated that 12/37 of the Democrats on the House Committee on Financial Services voted against it (25 for), but failed to note that only 8/33 of the Republicans on the committee voted it for it - 25 against! (Did your Congressperson vote for it?)

Note that Nancy Pelosi is criticized for allegedly going "off script" in her remarks preceding the vote, but Republicans are not criticized for changing a vote over a petty irritation. Note (with hilarity) that right after Carlson calls for a fairandbalanced look at things, the Friends go into a pre-planned (with graphics!) attack against Democrats in swing states who should presumably be punished for their votes.

If the Democrats knew ahead of time that they would need to pass the bill without Republican support, they would have crafted a bill more to their liking and then shouldered it through - which Republicans would then use against them in the upcoming elections. The Repulican politicization and exploitation of this crisis, at the risk of doing nothing and letting the economy collapse, is stunning. FOX is in full damage control mode, blaming Democrats all the way.