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Neil Cavuto Says: "The Crooks [on Wall Street] Are Gone"

Reported by Melanie - September 29, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto to Shepard Smith on "Studio B" today (September 29, 2008): This bailout bill was "horribly sold by Treasury Secretary Paulson and regulators. Ben Bernanke touched on the economic ramifications - if we didn't do this - but by then it was like a fear-of-God thing without looking at the possibilities for main street, which were ample. If you buy this sort of thing as a rescue package and Shep, many do not, you have to sell it as a rescue for main street and Wall Street.

"You have to say, alright, we think we've taken care of the crooks, we've made sure they're not going to profit off of this, but most of the crooks are gone."

Comment: The crooks are gone? Do you buy that? And does this talk about selling "possibilities" and buying "this sort of thing as a rescue package" bring back memories?