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Cavuto Keeps it Reeaaaal Simple: How We Got Into this Financial Mess

Reported by Melanie - September 29, 2008 -

When the Fox Business Network debut in October of last year, Neil Cavuto said: “You look at what we do already: keeping things in English, avoiding market jargon, avoiding big words, never using stock analysts.”

True to form, this is how Cavuto explained how we got into this mortgage mess today (September 29, 2008) during an appearance on Studio B: There was a "huge push" to get this bailout bill passed "quickly" and "as I pointed out," that's "what got us into this pickle" in the first place. "This rush to sign documents we hadn't read, and sorta like a used car salesman saying sign, sign, sign..."

Comment: In typical fashion, and as he has been doing for weeks, Cavuto blames it all on the little guy (do you smell the implication that they're people of color, like I do?) for not reading their loan documents. That's it. Simple.