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Breaking: US House votes down bailout, DOW down

Reported by Chrish - September 29, 2008 -

FOX is reporting that House Republicans voted 2:1 against the proposed bailout bill. The White House is "very disappointed."

"This is not a bailout," said White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto, hoping that Americans "don't need real evidence of a breakdown" before they act to prevent a breakdown.

Neil Cavuto continued to present the soothing argument that there will not be "hell to pay" if there is no bailout, contrary (!!) to Bush's dire warnings.

John Boehner seems to be blaming Democrats and an allegedly "partisan" speech by Speaker Pelosi. The breakdown of votes, ballpark figures based on FOX's chyron saying Republicans voted 2:1 against the bailout, are (again, approximately)

135 Republicans against, 67 for; 94 Democrats against, 139 for.

Representative Eric Cantor blames Nancy Pelosi also for that allegedly partisan speech, declaring in the same breath that "this is not a partisan issue." Amazing; look at those numbers again and see where Nancy Pelosi could be to blame for its failure to pass.