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Hannity And Rove Spin Palin's Interviews: She Was Over-prepared

Reported by Ellen - September 28, 2008 -

At the end of a special weekend Hannity & Colmes last night (9/27/08) devoted to spinning discussing the presidential candidates' debate the night before, the panel took a look forward to the vice presidential debate with Joe Biden and Sarah Palin next week. Sean Hannity insisted that having spent a lot of time with Sarah Palin, he knew for sure that she's got policy mojo and opined, as per a suggestion from panelist Karl Rove, that Palin's recent interview disasters had been caused by – get this: over-preparation. With video.

Rove said, “The real question on this debate is gonna be, from Palin's perspective, is Palin gonna go out there and are we gonna see the woman that we saw in Dayton, Ohio and at the Convention and, you know, comfortable in herself, or are they gonna have over-prepped her, stuffed too much information in her mind and made her a little uncomfortable? Because she's really good when... just talking with people.”

Howard Wolfson, the other panelist, called Palin's recent interview with Katie Couric “nothing short of a disaster... If that's the woman who shows up (at the debate), if that's the candidate who shows up, this Thursday, it's very, very bad news for John McCain.”

Hannity later said, “I want to ask this, cause I spent a lot of time with her. And I think, and I was talking to her about things, you know, on camera, off camera, and when given an opportunity to expand on issues, she was well versed on national security, well versed on economic issues.” I noticed he didn't mention foreign policy.

Rove interrupted to say something unintelligible about energy. We can guess he was holding that up as another field where she is “well versed.”

Hannity continued, “But there is always that danger, you say, about over-prepping a candidate.” Hannity cited Ronald Reagan's first debate with Walter Mondale as an example.

Wolfson sounded like he was trying not to laugh when he said, “I don't know if over-preparedness was the problem with that Katie Couric interview. I think when you're asked what your foreign policy experience is and you keep talking about the fact that you can see Russia from the state where you are the governor of, that's not a question of over-preparedness. That's just not knowing what to say.”

Alan Colmes noted that while Biden was out hitting the talk shows right after the debate, Palin was nowhere to be found. “After the Katie Couric interview, were they trying to avoid putting her in a situation where she could look bad?” Colmes asked.

“Oh, no, no, no, no,” Rove insisted. Then he added that “She's getting a lot of press.”

“A lot of it's not so good, Karl,” Wolfson said, deadpan.

Rove actually insisted that “They're trying to give Biden a higher profile.” I guess the theory was that Palin wasn't hiding, Biden was being more prominent than normal. Rove then tried to change the subject to attacking Biden for making “a gaffe a day.”

But Colmes wasn't buying it. “Karl, it boils down to this. The Obama campaign is not afraid to put Biden out there. The McCain campaign is carefully protecting Sarah Palin.”

“No, I disagree with that,” Rove said. “The Obama campaign is happy to have Joe Biden out there because they know that little or no attention is being paid to him.”

Sure, Karl. Whatever you say.