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Lindsey Graham Calls Barack Obama "Dangerous" On FOX News

Reported by Deborah - September 27, 2008 -

Last night, after the debate, Chris Wallace interviewed Lindsey Graham right before talking to Joe Biden, which Ellen reported earlier. Graham ended his short interview with this astonishing comment suggesting what John McCain could have said to Obama..

"Senator Obama, you don't understand, you're not only naive, you're dangerous. Senator Obama , you're not ready to be President". with video

Graham used the "class warfare" argument to defend McCain's obvious disregard for middle class Americans. Then illustrating that he thinks working class citizens are dumb, he noted that when he explains that raising taxes on business would cause them to lose their jobs they say, "I sorta get that."

Wallace shifted the conversation to the reasons behind Obama calling McCain by his first name during the debate. Graham's observations were rather obnoxious claiming that Obama was trying to suggest that he was equal to McCain.