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Howard Wolfson Should do his Homework Before he Goes on Fox

Reported by Melanie - September 26, 2008 -

Fox News hired Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's Communications Director, soon after she suspended her campaign. He's their kind of Democrat because he's a milquetoast and he is one of the reasons why our category for Fox's "Democratic strategists" is in quotes. Suffice it to say that he does a terrible job of advocating for Democrats and pointing out the failings of Republicans. Today (September 26, 2008) was a case in point.

Wolfson was Neil Cavuto's last guest this afternoon in a segment about the bailout and tonight's debate. Wolfson was woefully unprepared. Here are three things he botched and which he could have used to expose John McCain for the farce that he is, which is what he's supposed to do. Republicans are great at this stuff.

Cavuto: "Republicans tell me they think he [McCain] speeded this [bailout] process up."

Wolfson: "You know, there's a big debate about that. I mean, the Democrats are trying to make the case that there was essentially a deal and that he came in and because he politicized it, the House Republicans walked away. I don't think we'll ever know."

Republican Roy Blunt on how McCain stopped the bailout deal:


Wolfson: "They both understand these [economic] issues very, very well."

John McCain in January: "The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should."

John McCain on September 15: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong."


Wolfson: "Both sides are going to come out, as soon as the debate is over, and are going to try to make the debate about one moment or two moments where they think their guy came out better and the other guy made a mistake."

Howard, Howard. As of this morning, the McCain camp was already declaring John the winner, and the debate hasn't even happened yet!

Comment: What a freakin' missed opportunity. Then again, the fact that he's so ineffectual is exactly why Fox hired him.