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Even Bernie Goldberg Can't Find A Way To Defend Sarah Palin's Interview Performance

Reported by Deborah - September 26, 2008 -

Megyn Kelly seemed annoyed and disgusted today, 9/26/08, that Sarah Palin's horrendous performance during her interview with Katie Couric was criticized by the "liberal media" and actually surprised that some Republicans dared to voice disapproval as well. Kelly asked Bernie Goldberg if the reaction was "fair" and Goldberg went to work spinning the disaster into a brief attack on Joe Biden but in the end Kelly was faced with the ugly truth

Goldberg always uses the same tactic starting his rationalizations and whines about bias with "If a Republican did the same thing, blah blah and blah. This time there wasn't much he could say to defend Palin's dismal performance so he used Biden's recent slip about FDR on TV when he meant radio. Goldberg doing his usual routine noted how 'poor Sarah" would have been attacked if she made the same gaffe as Biden but he got a pass.

However, even Goldberg had no place to go with this situation and finally admitted that Palin was inadequate. Megyn Kelly did not want to accept the possibility of Palin's fall from grace.She just kept trying to hold on to the dream. Poor Sarah and poor Megyn.