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Condoleezza Rice Politely Rejects Hannity's War Talk

Reported by Ellen - September 26, 2008 -

Condoleezza Rice was a guest on Hannity & Colmes last night (9/25/08) for a not-so-balanced double segment in which she took questions from Sean Hannity, only. Chickenhawk Hannity was once again salivating for armed conflict with Iran – with other people doing the fighting, of course – in this case the Israelis. But Rice repeatedly rebuffed his not-so-subtle attempts to prod her into bellicosity and kept a firm hand on the wheel of diplomacy. She also refused to be pushed into criticizing Obama over the distorted “Iran is a tiny country that doesn't post a serious threat” remark that Hannity loves to cite without noting that Obama was comparing it to the threat of the former Soviet Union. But Rice politely demurred by saying that she could not comment without seeing the context. Funny how big, tough Hannity can't seem to handle a political discussion without resorting to lies and distortions. And, by the way, when is former Neo-Nazi associate Hannity ever interested in anti-Semitism or any other issues relating to Judaism except when using it as a political wedge against someone else? With video.