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Steve Doocy bias apparent in discussion moderation

Reported by Chrish - September 25, 2008 -

Steve Doocy moderated a discussion between Michael Reagan and Mike Papantonio this morning 9/25/08 on FOX and Friends, but Doocy's preferential treatment of Reagan, biased questions, and ultimate insulting of Papantonio allowed the "fairnadbalanced" discussion turn into a free for all, with Doocy clearly helping the Republican talker.
With video.

The questions asked of the guests reveal the agenda. To "Michael" (un-specified - both are Michaels - Papantonio answered first though it appeared that Reagan was preparing to speak): "Some Democratic insiders" are saying this is brilliant on McCain's part - going back to Washington is what Presidents do. McCain is acting like a leader.

Moments later, specifically to Reagan: If Barack Obama wants to help the economy, why doesn't he go to his day job and work in the US Senate? McCain is going to do that, while Obama continues to (garbled) and shows up at the White House.

Obviously, Doocy is pushing the perspective that it is the right, responsible, even patriotic thing to do with that line of questioning.

Ignoring the content of their comments or the arguments they were attempting to make, note that Doocy repeatedly challenges Papantonio in an unfriendly tone, but agreeably "yeah yeahs" Reagan. Doocy also tells Papantonio to pipe down and resorts to calling him "rude" for trying to get a word in as Reagan monologues along uninterrupted. The discussion was cut short, "no surprise."