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Hey Hannity, Your Lily Liver Is Showing!

Reported by Ellen - September 25, 2008 -

Bullyboy Sean Hannity once again demonstrated that when the going gets tough, the phony tough guys change the subject. In a pattern that was repeated throughout last night's (9/24/08) Hannity & Colmes, when the subject turned to the substance of the huge bailout facing American taxpayers, Hannity started smearing Barack Obama (see my previous post, too). With video.

The show was truncated to a half hour last night and came on after President Bush's speech on the bailout. Not surprisingly, the whole show was devoted to that subject. Yet Hannity spent little to no time actually discussing it. Instead, he used his time to attack Barack Obama. Even during the hosts' one-minute debate at the end, in the video below, Hannity could not handle talking about it.

Alan Colmes began by saying, "How do we trust these people, who got us into this mess, to bail us out?"

In one of the world's most whopping and filibustering non sequitors, Hannity responded, "Listen, Barack Obama said today, he said, 'We've got to act swiftly. Every American has a stake in solving this crisis, saving our financial system from collapse. If we don't act, people's jobs, savings, economic security's at risk. It's the worst crisis since the Great Depression.' Here's the point. (Hannity chopped his hand through the air, then started counting on his fingers.) He has steadfastly avoided any debate at Saddleback, at 9/11."

Colmes started to say, "Saddleback wasn't a debate." (Though I think he should have called Hannity on his blatant effort to duck the issue.)

But even that was too much for Hannity's fragile ego. "Hang on a second!" he barked. He continued, "The townhall meetings with John McCain and now (Obama) won't put off a foreign policy debate (Hannity drowned out Colmes' attempt to speak again) and he's trying to make it a big deal... Solve the crisis!" Hannity commanded. "Put the American people first! Obama's putting his, literally, he's trying to use this as a political campaign. He's run campaign ads on this, it's so pathetic."

Call a whambulance! I think Hannity's hypocrisy might have exploded!