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O'Reilly unevolved much past third grade

Reported by Chrish - September 24, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly is at the head of the FOX brigade trying to tar Barack Obama with a past and passing association with Bill Ayers of 1960s' Weather Underground infamy. But O'Reilly let slip on FOX and Friends yesterday morning that some of his Levittown friends from the same period got involved with drugs and 3 of them are now dead.
With video.

Now, I don't intend to make any aspersions on O'Reilly's character or judgment based on what friends of his did in the past. I merely bring this up to highlight his hypocrisy and to ridicule the idiocy of bringing every last contact, no matter how fleeting or impersonal, into the forefront of a presidential race. We should no more judge O'Reilly harshly for what his friends did than we should judge Obama for what Bill Ayers did (when Obama was 8 years old.) H/T reader Dwayne.

What I will note in the video below is O'Reilly's long history of using dirty tricks to win. He relates a tale of a grade-school debate about candidates Kennedy and Nixon, and, bereft of positive talking points about his guy Nixon, he apparently resorted to smears of the Kennedy family and innuendo about JFK's religious affiliation in order to swing the Catholic school voters - to no avail, he admits.

As revealed earlier in the segment, a report card stated that he "resents correction," and he conceded "there isn't a lot of difference between me now and me in the third grade. There wasn't a lot of evolution taking place in the O'Reilly persona for some reason." Truer words were never spoken, by Bill O'Reilly at least.