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“Media Expert” Bernard Goldberg Overlooks Hannity’s Bigoted Record While Accusing Democrats Of Playing The Race Card

Reported by Ellen - September 24, 2008 -

For the second night in a row last night (9/23/08), Hannity & Colmes hyped a poll indicating that white Democrats may have some qualms about voting for a black man. Ever on the alert for racial slights against white people, Hannity once again used it as an excuse to accuse Barack Obama of playing the race card. There was no Democrat to discuss the poll, not even a pollster. Instead, conservative Bernard Goldberg was there to offer his unsubstantiated views on Democrats, blacks and race. Goldberg, himself, made the racially questionable suggestion that it’s reasonable for whites to think of blacks as violent. With video.

The segment began with Hannity’s oft-repeated accusations against Barack Obama for playing the race card. Goldberg immediately agreed that Obama, along with numerous other Democrats, have been doing just that. Goldberg conveniently overlooked Hannity’s race-baiting record (along with his past association with a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist), not to mention Rush Limbaugh’s, Ann Coulter’s and a host of other pundits. Then, just to prove how sensitive he is, Goldberg suggested that talking about race is “playing with fire.” Goldberg said, “You don’t want black people thinking they lost the election because they got cheated by a bunch of racists.” Was he suggesting that they might riot?

Possibly, given that he went on to suggest that it’s reasonable for whites to think of blacks as violent. “11% of those white voters attach the word ‘violent’ to black people,” Goldberg said to Alan Colmes. “OK? Sounds nasty, I agree. Is it possible they just looked around and said, ‘Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime in America?’ Maybe that’s because they’re poor, maybe because they dropped out of school. Maybe there’s a million reasons. But it’s true. Does that make somebody a racist for attaching the word ‘violent’ to black people?”

Colmes responded, “It depends what’s in your heart.”

Goldberg continued, “There are some people who are bigots. It’s a terrible, terrible fact.” Apparently, he was unaware that he had just sounded like one.

Then Goldberg once again read the minds of black folks. “It’s a poll that is going to create in the minds of black people, if Barack Obama loses, if he loses, that ‘We got taken again. We got disenfranchised again.’ And that’s a very bad thing for America.”

Colmes asked if Goldberg was blaming the polls for somehow encouraging black people to be bitter or angry.

Hannity rudely interrupted. “Blame Obama,” he said. “Because Barack Obama said repeatedly, (Hannity put on a mocking face) ‘People are gonna make you afraid of me.’ And no Republican has done this.”

Once again, you can remind Hannity of his own race-baiting record by contacting him at hannity@foxnews.com.