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Greta Misleads in Teaser About Last Night's Interview w/Bill Clinton

Reported by Melanie - September 24, 2008 -

Yesterday (September 23, 2008) afternoon on Your World, Greta Van Susteren made an appearance to promote her interview with Bill Clinton which aired last night on her "On the Record" show. During the segment, Van Susteren implied that Clinton "loves" Todd Palin (as does "everybody" she's ever talked to) and that "he loves" the fact that Palin —the "First Dude" — competed in an iron man race." As for Cavuto, he went even farther, claiming that Clinton was "sending a message" that the McCain/Palin ticket is "pretty nice," staying just inches away from claiming that Clinton endorses it:

Van Susteren: I asked him if "you have any advice for the Governor and when I mentioned the Governor's husband - big smile. Look, everybody I've ever talked to loves the First Dude in Alaska and, and I think that ah, sen, ah, President Clinton, he'll tell you tonight at 10:00 p.m., but I think he admires him. He loves the fact that he competed in this race, this iron man race and finished the last 500 miles with a broken arm. I mean, he's, he's, it was quite obvious that he ah, that he, that he liked Todd Palin."

Cavuto: "And he was also sending a message, it was a pretty nice ticket. He could see why there was an attraction to it. Particularly Sarah Palin, right, but he kinda drew the line at attacks on her."

As a matter of fact, while Clinton said he likes and admires John McCain, he very clearly endorsed Barack Obama. He said that on the "two major issues facing our nation today," the economy and restoring America's standing in the world, "I think Senator Obama and Senator Biden have better, markedly better, positions and I think it would be better for our country. I think that in general, Democrats produce more broadly shared prosperity." He said, "I don't think there's any question that if you look at the Obama energy plan, the education plan, and especially, there's stark, stark differences in the health care plan, that those things would be better for America."

You get the idea. Here's the video:

As for Todd Palin, Clinton seems to admire him. Anybody who finishes a 500 mile race "is worth our admiration, you know, I like people that don't quit and are tough in the face of adversity so I admire that." "My advice is to "keep that smile, don't get defensive." They "obviously love each other and it looks to me like they got a pretty good relationship...he must have something going if he can finish that 500 mile race with a broken arm. I can't get over it but I like it, a lot."

Here's video:

Comment: Point being, the teaser on Cavuto's show radically mislead viewers and painted a much different picture than the reality of what Clinton said. But interesting too — telling is probably a better word — was Van Susteren's concentration on "First Dude" Todd Palin. This was a two-part segment and virtually the entire second half was about Todd — with Clinton talking about himself an awful lot too — but my God, Todd won't have his finger on the button like Sarah might. Todd must poll well, maybe better than Sarah. Maybe that's why Fox is treating him as if he's the a candidate too.

Oh, and in typical Fox fashion, the next segment was about Obama's alleged ties to William Ayers. It's like brushing your teeth after you eat. Just in case anything Democrat Clinton said appealed to the audience, Fox follows up with something that will wipe that smile right off your face and remind you that Democrats are dangerous.