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Bill O'Reilly Trashes Obama's Community Service and Chicago's South Side

Reported by Deborah - September 24, 2008 -

In Bill O'Reilly's totally inadequate "investigation" of Senator Barack Obama, The Obama Chronicles, viewers have learned very little about Barack Obama or his accomplishments. The last two installments, of this blatant campaign initiative to help the McCain/Palin ticket, focused on Obama's work as a community organizer and, of course, his connection to a grossly misrepresented Michael Pfleger. Tonight, on a demented roll, BOR tied Obama to Pfleger, Farrakhan, David Duke and finally "every bigot and tyrant in history".

Last night David Mendell returned to supposedly discuss Obama's career as a community organizer in Chicago's Southside. Although Mendell was able to briefly mention some of the successful projects Obama worked on, O'Reilly was only interested in the $250,000 obtained for Father Pfleger's Church.

After Mendell explained the important role of churches in the community, O'Reilly admitted grudgingly that Pfleger had done some good but then went on to trash the community. After offering racial stats, he noted that violence there was 80% higher than the rest of Chicago concluding that Obama's work didn't make any difference Here's the video

Tonight was devoted to Father Pfleger and Father Edward Beck was on hand to defend Pfleger and stress his extreme devotion to the community. However, O'Reilly, committed to getting McCain's poll numbers up, did his distortion routine.

He claimed Pfleger believes America is a racist country and went on to suggest that Barack Obama's association with Pfleger should disqualify him from office.

" Now, if you were President and you have a friend who thinks Louis Farrakhan, a horrible anti-semite, who also believes America is a racist nation, that association would be troubling. It's no different than President Bush hanging out with David Duke....Americans are saying, "We want our President to have a perspective we share."

Beck did his best to balance the spin and distortions but O'Reilly wrapped it up with this dandy comment. "Every tyrant and bully in the history of the world had a good side?"

Watch the video