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If What Happened Today on Your World is Any Indication, Things Are Not Good in GOPland

Reported by Melanie - September 23, 2008 -

On this day (September 23, 2008) when the Wall Street bailout is the red hot topic virtually everywhere, Fox's "premiere business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, spent the first 30 minutes of his show on....Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the United Nations! Unbelievable.

If this show is any indication of how down Republicans are, they are way down. Cavuto usually crows like a peacock about what his people are doing - as in lots of video of, say, Hank Paulson on Capitol Hill today - but nope.

Water boy opened with, "And they are selling Shep. This is how far and fast the whole $700 billion rescue has come. The President of Iran is now weighing in. Moments away from addressing the United Nations..." and away he went.

First to Fox's Eric Shawn in front of the UN: "Well Neil, we're moments away from Ahmadinejad taking the podium..." Then to Molly Henneberg on Capitol Hill who actually did spend a whole 75 seconds talking about the "$700 billion idea on Capitol Hill."

Then it was on to "terror analyst" Mike Evans to talk about Ahmadinejad "taking a swipe" at our "financial turmoil," and then to Evan Bayh (D-IN) who asked us to "just think what it would be like if he had a nuclear weapon in his arsenal."

Nine minutes in Fox went live to the UN and Ahmadinejad's speech. They stayed there for 14 minutes, then it was on to Tom Bevin, the CEO of RealClearPolitics on "How will Ahmadinejad's speech play out" in the campaign.

From there it was to John McCain's "press conference," such as it was. Don't think you can call reading a prepared statement and taking three questions (total time - 10 minutes) a "press conference" but maybe that's just me. Then on to the lifeless Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania and a Democrat, for "comments" (during which the bailout was discussed). Course, Rendell acted like it WAS a real press conference rather than ripping it as the lamest one ever.

Then Scott Rasmussen came on to talk about how Obama is "not getting a bump in the polls" from the financial mess and then Greta Van Susteren (more on that later) and Mark Messier brought up the rear.

I mean, for God's sake, Sarah Palin was at the UN too but Cavuto didn't say a word about that either. Yesterday he talked about her visit as if she was going to ride in on a bulldozer and take the place over. But today? Nothing. Then again, her poll numbers don't look so good, and the McCain camp is so nervous about her that they wouldn't even let reporters watch her shake hands with folks so maybe she's back in hiding.

I would have to think long and hard to remember a day when Cavuto avoided so much.