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FOX News Contributes To 5th Grader's School Suspension

Reported by Deborah - September 23, 2008 -

A 5th grader in Aurora, Colorado was suspended from school for wearing a t-shirt with the message "Obama Terrorist's Best Friend" The boy's Father defended the message repeating the distortion promoted on FOX News that Obama is close friends with William Ayers. In fact, last night Bill O'Reilly made it the focus of his daily "Obama Chronicles" segment. The father is planning to sue the school claiming his son's right to free speech was violated. Neither Trace Gallagher or Martha MacCallum questioned the content of the handwritten message although Gallagher commented that the message was "a little over the line". When the father responded, viewers got to see a product of the constant right wing propaganda coming from media outlets like FOX News and Talk Radio.

The boy, obviously intimidated, told MacCallum that his father encouraged him to wear the T-shirt adding "I have the right". When he was asked to describe the reaction he got at school, he became anxious and at one point his voice was shaking.

MacCallum asked how he would feel if someone wore a shirt attacking the candidate he supported. The father answering for his son proudly said, " I'm a conservative. I don't get emotional like the left does." He defended "dragging" his child to right wing rallies saying the left drag their kids too. The boy remained silent apparently accustomed to living with his father's smoldering rage. How sad for these children.