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Bill O'Reilly: Internet hacking is terrorism

Reported by Chrish - September 23, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly was the sole guest of FOX and Friends for three segments this morning 9/23/08, promoting his newest book and giving his trademark spin on issues of the day.

One topic touched on was the recent hacking of Sarah Palin's private email account, and O'Reilly, himself the recent victim of hackers at his website, was predictably over the top in his response.

"The federal authorities need to design a whole new string of laws to deal with these people, he said, and "...it's not Big Brother that's spying on you, it's citizens turning on each other. [snip] The federal government has to get a handle on this, because this is terrorism. This Internet stuff, it terrorizes little kids through bullying, it can do so much damage to people, and the feds just don't have a handle on it."

Note how he blithely dismisses all the new "security" measures, the cameras and wiretapping, the airport searches and data gathering, to focus on some random incidents of hackery. Not to defend any hacking, but what is really a bigger threat to Joe and Jane Consumer, random hacks or coordinated accumulation and sharing of private and personal data by banks, insurers, healthcare entities, schools, local government, utilities, the military, phone companies, retailers, and who-knows who else?

If Bill O'Reilly is calling for governent regulation of the internet, he is endorsing Big Brother. There are already laws in place that will deal with this hacker.

Again, not to defend hacking, but the information garnered from this act has raised more questions about Sarah Palin: her husband's role and influence, her secretiveness, and her willingness to operate outside the rules of her office. FOX and Friends did not address these issues at all, just the illegal means used to get the information. Once again FOX does its job for Republicans and obfuscates important information.