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An Amusing Defense Of Sarah Palin From Republican Congresswoman

Reported by Deborah - September 23, 2008 -

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R) Tenn., had a tough time defending Sarah Palin tonight on The Factor. It looks like once Palin is no longer framed as a victim and Republicans are forced to deal with her inadequate qualifications directly, defending Palin becomes a whole lot harder. Tonight O'Reilly questioned why Palin is being kept from the press and Blackburn was forced to defend her foreign policy expertise.

Caroline Heldman PH.D, Occidental College, didn't hesitate to offer an honest appraisal noting that Palin is the first VP candidate to get on the job training. Blackburn explained that foreign policy experience is gained differently for an Alaskan governor because not only is she in charge of the National Guard but her neighbors are Russia and Canada. (Blackburn didn't say if all the Governors of states bordering Canada get automatic foreign policy experience. Maybe it's the combination that's important) In case we weren't convinced after hearing those qualifications, Blackburn added that Palin's son was serving in Afghanistan so she would want to keep up with things there.

When O'Reilly tried to say that Sarah Palin is just as prepared as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for the job, Heldman reminded him that Clinton had an excellent education in "elite" schools and had traveled abroad. (She forgot to mention that Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.) When Bill quipped that he also went to an elite school and traveled, Heldman shot back. "Well you'd be better qualified than Sarah Palin."