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Fox Says “The View” Is Unfair. Liz Trotta Says They’re “Harpies” (except for the conservative one)

Reported by Priscilla - September 22, 2008 -

The new Fox meme is that liberal women are being oh, so cruel to Sarah Palin. This alleged cruelty (And silly me, I thought that Republicans don’t play the “victim.”) is, according to Fox, being extended to John McCain. On Saturday’s (September 20th) “Election HQ,” Greg Jarrett teased the upcoming segment with the comment that both Barack Obama and John McCain are each “getting a turn on the couch; but one had a rougher ride. Are the ladies of The View seeing things from only one side?” (Comment: Gregg Jarrett – Fox News – one sided? Oh, the irony, the irony.) The chyron read “much different “view” for Obama and McCain on daytime show.” In order to present perfunctory right wing talking points that the republican ticket is being unfairly treated, the “liberal” women on “The View” are very bad, and abortion is very, very bad, Jarrett interviewed Liz Trotta, whose last claim to fame was an apology for a joke, made on Fox News, about a Barack Obama assassination.

Jarrertt began the piece by asking (saying) “is The View one sided?” He said that Obama’s interview was not so intense after which he played a tape of the women of “The View” interacting, in a positive manner, with Obama and calling him “sexy.” (Comment: not something you could say about McCain, am I right?) Jarrett described the interview as “gushing and fawning” and that McCain got better treatment at the Hanoi Hilton.” (cue the laugh track). Trotta did get lots of laughs from Jarrett and Julie Banderas when she said that “The View” was a “pre-menopausal and post-menopausal horror show.” (Comment: isn’t that sexist?) She was indignant that the McCain campaign would “throw him to a group of baying hyenas.” (Comment: isn’t that sexist?) Trotta claimed that the show has “nothing to do with journalism” (Comment: Fox – Journalism? – oh, the irony, the irony!) and that there isn’t a journalist on the panel. (Comment: Barbara Walters isn’t a journalist. Who knew?) As if on cue, Trotta said that all but one of the women on “The View” were liberals. Jarrett chimed in that “some of it was downright awful.” He then described, as “the most awful,” Whoppi Goldberg’s comment (response to McCain’s statement about selecting “originalist” SCOTUS Judges) about whether that would mean that she would be returned to slavery.

Trotta then went on a rant about how abortion drives the issues of “The View” She claimed that “they stand for a body of thought that can’t kill enough babies. They’re liberal. John McCain is pro-life and they’re gonna crucify him for it.” Jarrett said that McCain was booed (Comment: First Amendment, Greg. Deal with it). Trotta responded that “this is what drives these people and it doesn’t matter where he stands on the war or the economy. That’s what these women, these harpies, live for.”

Jarrett said that it didn’t surprise him that Joy Behar “had it wrong” when she claimed that the McCain ad, about the Illinois sex ed bill, was a lie. He noted that he had read the bill and it did “contain language to that effect.” (Comment: Sorry, Jarrett, you’re wrong.) He then mentioned Behar’s challenge to McCain that he was no longer a maverick and lied when he claimed that Behar had no response when McCain asked her to show how he had changed. (Comment: She did and the video is here.) Jarrett set up the Palin pimping by claiming that Barbara Walter spent her early years being mocked for lack of experience and she’s doing the same thing to Sarah Palin. Trotta said that Walters has “come home to her true talent, sitting on a couch, interviewing famous people.” Jarrett didn’t laugh, however, when Trotta said that the “other side is going after the soft underbelly of the campaign, Sarah Palin. There are inconsistencies in her record and they’re going to eat these up.” This was where the interview ended so there was no follow up comment, by Jarrett, to that.

Comment: Liz Trotta has had credible and respected journalistic experiences. Like Walters, she is well educated and was a pioneer in women’s journalism (covered the Vietnam War on the ground.) Unlike Walters she didn’t follow that up with a successful TV career and certainly didn’t score the famous interviews that Walters did. One wonders if she’s bitter. As a journalist, her current credibility is dubious. The statement about “killing babies” is very inflammatory as it doesn’t take into consideration the diversity of religious views on the topic; and as such, it doesn’t reflect objective journalism. But then Fox News, despite its claim of non partisanship, has no regard for objectivity as that might conflict with the talking points. And if you want to see "gushing and fawning," watch any Fox interview with any Republican. For the spectacularly unfair and unbalanced Fox News to say that “The View” (not posing as a News show) is “unfair” is truly laughable.