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Bill O'Reilly Reveals Stunning Truth: Barack Obama Helped Poor Chicago Kids

Reported by Deborah - September 22, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly promised to investigate and expose Barack Obama's darkest secrets in his Obama Chronicles. You know, all of those harsh realities that BOR suggested Senator Obama has been hiding from the voters and would never reveal in an interview. So tonight we got another rehash of the skimpy connection to William Ayers which had already been covered in several Factor segments and also openly discussed by Obama during his wasted interview with O'Reilly. Tonight, once again, we learned the simple truth that Obama and Ayers worked in the same Chicago community helping poor children. Stanley Kurtz, National Review, an obvious Obama hater, joined O'Reilly to try to damage Obama as much as possible.

Kurtz, using his best investigative tone, told BOR that Barack Obama worked at the same foundation, The Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Kurtz wrote an article claiming that certain documents would prove extensive involvement between Obama and Ayres but he was unable to obtain the documents.

Bill O'Reilly, much like the candidate he openly campaigns for every night, doesn't like to confuse the public with information that might cause them to doubt his message. So viewers don't know that The Annenberg Challenge operated from 18 locations throughout the country offering groundbreaking educational research to help public school systems. O'Reilly and Kurtz , instead, tried to spin Obama's positive accomplishment into a vague and sinister activity. John McCain would approve their message.