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Fox Friends Want Teacher To Leave Those (conservative) Kids Alone.

Reported by Priscilla - September 21, 2008 -

As we know, when Fox has an issue (propaganda point) that it wants to promote, it is discussed ad nauseum. In order to reinforce the point, the particular issue is featured on a number of Fox shows. Their latest cultural “causus belli” is the complaint, by a conservative student at Metro College in Colorado (this state being added to the list of teeming fleshpots of liberal decadence) that her professor made an unfair assignment and allowed the poor conservative kids to be mocked in his classroom. As reported by News Hounds Deborah, Fox News wasted no time in providing a platform for yet another right wing victim of bad, liberal academia. And sure enough, this incident was included as one of Friday’s (September 19th) Fox&Fiends (whoops Friends) many outrages of the day and perfunctory right wing talking points.

Former weather reader Steve Doocy reported that the college student had been given an assignment to write an essay countering the “fairy tale” image of Sarah Palin, presented at the Republican National Convention. He added that the professor said to “tear it apart.” Affecting a demeanor of shock and dismay, Gretchen Carlson, former Miss (not Ms.) America, Gretchen Carlson said “we talk about” what she portrayed as liberal influences in today’s college and “this actually could be happening.” (Signal for the peasants to grab their pitchforks and torches and march to the nearest institution of higher education.) Doocy said that the college is investigating the incident; but this “doesn’t answer the question about bias and bullying (dark sarcasm in the classroom?). Carlson said that the teacher should have asked the students to critique both conventions. (Comment: Once again, Fox has a fact check problem because the news reports from the day before stated that the professor had changed the assignment. But if it’s about propaganda, who needs facts?) Doocy then made one of his classic, incisive (in bizarro world) observations which underscore why these clowns will never win a Peabody; but whose “truthiness” will live in infamy: “There is such a bias in education – in high school, middle school, and pre-school.” (Yes, Steve. It’s a conspiracy, led by George Soros and Hollywood to get em when they’re young and impressionable. It would be so much better if Fox News were played in pre-school classrooms) Carlson responded with an equally inane, but priceless comment: “we canot put our views out there on impressionable minds.” (Sounds like a description of the interaction between Fox News and its viewers. But, really Gretchen, college student are adults who are fully capable of making up their own minds. Stanford didn’t seem to mold you into a card carrying Commie!)

Comment: In addition to the above cited two programs, I ran across Fox’s Jamie Colby (attorney and former law professor) interviewing the student yesterday on a Fox afternoon show. One suspects that this story would be great grist for Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity as they are both adherents of the superior conservative "us" vs. degenerate liberal "them" meme. Fox and its conservative handlers love to berate academia in order to further divide the “heartland” from the reality based community. “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.”