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Classless Karl Rove Loses It "Defending Palin" By Attacking Democrats

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2008 -

Am I the only one who suspects that FOX News contributor and McCain campaign advisor Karl Rove had a hand in both the questions and the answers in Sean Hannity’s sales pitch interview with Sarah Palin last week on Hannity & Colmes? If my suspicions are correct, the “real journalism: fair and balanced” network made it a trifecta by bringing on Rove after Part 1 aired on September 17, 2008, to provide “analysis” of the whole thing. Alan Colmes, who was sidelined during the interview, was sharply critical of Palin but as he always is, Colmes remained scrupulously polite, respectful and agreeable. Not so Rove who was unable to handle the debate without getting tetchy and insulting. With video.

Rove’s segment started with Hannity who was still stuck on proving that the economy is good. Of course, it’s good for multi-millionaire Hannity so why bother his little head with other people’s woes unless he can use the situation as a club to attack Democrats? Sure enough, he and Rove tried to do just that. Despite the fact that Palin said during her interview that the "economy is a mess," Hannity attacked Obama, only, for saying, essentially, the same thing.

But when it was Colmes’ turn, he began by pointing out just a few of Palin’s many, many lies, inconsistencies and hypocrisies. “I don’t know how John McCain and Sarah Palin present themselves as reformers,” Colmes began. “She took oil money when she ran for lieutenant governor. John McCain has oil lobbyists, Rick Davis, whose campaign manager was a lobbyist for Fannie and Freddie...” (Colmes meant that Davis is the McCain-Palin campaign manager)

Oops, that was too much for Rove’s sensitive nature. He became belligerent, insulting and could not stop interrupting Colmes. Methinks he could not defend his candidate(s) because he kept trying to change the subject to Barack Obama and the Democrats.

As Colmes calmly persisted in bringing the subject back to the McCain campaign, Rove flew his classless colors high. “You’re just embarrassing yourself,” he finally said rudely to Colmes.

Actually, I think it was the other way around.

Colmes objected to the remark. “I think that’s a rather insulting thing to say, Karl, when I’m pointing out a fact that he has 'X' number of lobbyists who are working on his campaign.”

“So what?” Rove shot back.

So, it’s hard to posture yourself as a reformer when you’re in bed with lobbyists.

But Rove’s defensiveness, coupled with Colmes’ cool pretty much said it all as far as who's got truth and confidence on their side.