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Bill O'Reilly Claims Abortion Issue Driving Hate For Sarah Palin

Reported by Deborah - September 21, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly continued discussing his theory that the abortion issue is driving the "hate" for Sarah Palin.. In the first discussion with Monica Crowley and Margaret Hoover he used the word "dislike" but in the second installment with Laura Ingraham it became "hate, I mean hate with a capitol H". Ingraham responded with, "They hate the fact that she exists, not just her positions, that she exists because she lives her pro-life stance." Then they were on a roll telling viewers with certainty what American women are feeling as if they actually know.

Ingraham went to say that women are desperate to hide the fact that 90% abort their down syndrome babies adding that when Palin hold up her baby and people see " this is a living, breathing, beautiful baby boy" they start thinking. BOR asked, " Do you think there's any guilt?"

Ingraham softened her response by saying she doesn't know what's in these women's hearts but seeing Sarah Palin's choice must make them think about their own decision to have an abortion. She expressed hope that women carrying a child with diagnosed problems would see Sarah Palin and decide against terminating the pregnancy.

Ingraham suggested that the women who choose to terminate their pregnancies are doing something wrong and selfish while Sarah Palin's choice is noble and bound to make them ashamed. However, Ingraham ignored the fact that women make this difficult choice after learning about the difficult problems, especially physical, that children with Down Syndrome endure throughout their lifetimes. Laura Ingraham's assumptions are not only unfair but ignore the fact that each woman faced with this situation makes an informed and careful choice. The important point here is that as women we have the choice and we must respect and honor each other's personal roads. Laura Ingraham's exploitation of Sarah Palin's very personal decision is shameful, cruel and totally disrespectful to every woman who has faced this agonizing situation.