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Steve Doocy Is Hysterical About “Disturbing” Comments About Sarah Palin – From Women!!!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - September 20, 2008 -

Gretchen Carlson previewed the segment, on yesterday’s Fox&Friends, by stating that the nomination of Sarah Palin has generated discussion of the role of women in politics. OK – that’s reasonable. But then the trolley went off the tracks with the next statement that there should be a “symbiosis” (that’s a science term, Gretchen. A little over the audience’s head) between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. (Comment: Just because they share the same vital organs? Because otherwise they don’t agree on anything!) She then described an article, in the NY Sun, which contained commentary from NY women about Sarah Palin that was “disturbing and hateful.” The audience was instructed to stay tuned. I could hardly wait.

The chyron for the segment read “panic over Palin.” Carlson said that she would like to think that the historic nature of the Palin nomination “supercedes politics.” (Comment: it didn’t for the nomination of Geraldine Ferraro, whose nomination was truly historic.) She went on to say that “apparently a lot of women in NY have a lot of hatred.” Former weather reader, Steve Doocy read some quotes, from the NY Sun which articulated the dismay that many women, including yours truly, feel about Sarah Palin. While doing a lot of eye rolling, Doocy read the quotes that addressed reactions to Palin. He didn’t read the quotes that explained why these women feel the way they do. Manhatten author and political activist Nancy Kricorian’s first quote: "All of my women friends, a week ago Monday, were on the verge of throwing themselves out windows," was read; but not the follow-up "The women thing is a ruse. ... She was chosen because of the evangelical thing," the writer said. "It's weirdly stealthy that she's not talking about it." So rather than discuss whether this actually might be an issue, the kiddos just did a lot of tut-tutting. Peter Johnson, filling in for Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade muttered about Manhatten “upper west side women.” (Comment: reverse elitism here?)

But the prize for histrionics goes to the weather guy, Steve Doocy, who screamed that women should be upset at Barack Obama. “Be angry at Barack Obama,” he shouted, “he didn’t put Hillary Clinton on the ticket.”

Comment: Sorry Doocy, women have a right to be insulted by the selection of a Republican woman, whose views are antithetical (google it) to those of Hillary Clinton and to all in the reality based community – a selection that was pure pander (if the gals loved Hillary, they’ll love Sarah). Nope, it doesn’t work that way, Steve, because the “gals” are concerned about real issues and that’s why they supported Hillary and that’s why many women are supporting Obama. And BTW, Peter, it’s not just “upper west side” women. There was a recent public protest, by Alaska women, about Palin. One quote from the article, about Palin, reminded me of the women at Fox News: "She has always embodied that perfectly pleasing female archetype, playing by the boys' game.” Who’s your daddy, Gretchen!