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Is Gretchen Carlson Joking?

Reported by Priscilla - September 20, 2008 -

Let me say that News Hounds Chrish is to be commended for her ability to watch and review what has to be the most inanely partisan shows in the history of television. Disguised as fluffy banter, Fox&Friends is one long infomercial for John McCain, Sarah Palin, RNC talking points, conservative talking points, and the religious right. Its baby talk and exaggerated facial expressions make Sesame Street look like Masterpiece Theater. Yesterday’s edition, chock full of non stop right wing indignation, was punctuated by an interview with the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. In a nutshell, kindergarten students could have done a better job than Gretchen Carlson.

Mr. Blair is in the United States because he is teaching a course at Yale on “Faith and Globalization”. The kid’s interview came shortly after another segment bashing “liberal bias in education” so the irony was rich. Carlson tried to start off in a light manner by asking Blair if he was nervous about his first day teaching. Blair wasn’t and went on to explain that his course was about how we make sure, in this age of globalization, that faith doesn’t “pull people apart.” Carlson asked him what he thought about the current financial situation in the US. Blair said that he felt the “response of the authorities was correct.” Carlson said “you would agree with the bail out” to which he responded that he felt that it was necessary in order to regain some control. After these two irrelevant questions, Carlson got back to the content of Blair’s Yale class. Carlson did her best talking point question (statement) when she said “faith and globalization. When we think about 9-11 we discuss Muslim extremism and how to deal with it.” Blair, a class act in a classless interview, said that we need to respect other’s faith and that extremism wasn’t just relegated to Islam. (Comment: did I detect a pout on Carlson’s face?)

But then came the best part of the interview. Carlson said “you know Margaret Thatcher.” (Comment: you could almost see the bubble over Blair’s head going wha…???) She then continued with “a lot of people are comparing Sarah Palin with Margaret Thatcher. Do you see a comparison between Thatcher and Palin?” (Comment: at that point, I nearly spit my coffee all over the TV screen!) Blair graciously said that he would rather not comment on that and that he would leave American politics to the Americans.”

Comment: Sarah Palin as the British "Iron Lady" - Excuse me???? How can you compare the Oxford educated (Masters Degree) Thatcher (who later became a lawyer) with the University of Idaho (which is fine; but it isn’t Oxford) educated Palin? Thatcher was elected to Parliament in 1959 after which she quickly became a party leader. She became Secretary of State for Education in Science in 1970 to 1974 and then was leader of the opposition from 1974 to 1979 when she became Prime Minister of Great Britain. How does that compare to somebody who served two terms as a city council member and two terms as mayor of a small Alaskan city prior to becoming Alaska governor for less than two years? How does an American creationist, anti choicer compare to a woman who voted to legalize abortion and homosexuality? For Sarah Palin to be compared to Margaret Thatcher is an extraordinary insult.

Anyway, if you want to see an intelligent and adult interview, check out Jon Stewart’s recent interview (here and here) with Tony Blair.