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O'Reilly Attacks Women For Protecting Their Right To Choose

Reported by Deborah - September 19, 2008 -

In one of the "Poor Sarah Segments" tonight, 9/18/08, O'Reilly claimed that left-wing women dislike Sarah Palin just because she's pro-life. (Sadly, BOR doesn't quite get the difference between dislike and disagree) Since it's campaign crunch time, O'Reilly just ignored the FOX pretense of balance inviting two conservative women, Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley, to discuss Palin's perceived enemies. BOR, probably worried that Palin's popularity would wane before he got his interview, kept talking about the questions he would ask Palin when she came on The Factor.

The segment opened with clips of Joy Behar, Roseann Barr, Claire McCaskill and Barbara Boxer voicing concerns about preserving women's reproductive rights. Hoover and Crowley claimed they represented the old breed of feminists suggesting that their fight in the sixties is somehow irrelevant now

The Bill-O had an epiphany claiming that some women are against Palin because they "experienced abortion"and they don't want to be told they're wrong".At another point he made a sickening comment about Barbara Boxer and drilling holes in heads of babies and also said Planned Parenthood was an "abortion mill" Palin, naturally, was praised for living her beliefs while the video of her holding her baby was shown.

comment: When you watch the video, keep in mind that these two women have always had the right to choose in their adult lifetimes. There rhetoric about the "new" feminism is just a lot of blah blah because deep down they always knew that abortion was there for them in an emergency. Something about having that option made their self satisfied belief that they own the key to righteousness so much easier. Their smug certainty that women shouldn't have the right to choose is inconceivable and shows a total lack of empathy for their gender.