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FOX News Reports Poor Sarah Mistreated By Colorado Professor

Reported by Deborah - September 19, 2008 -

FOX News loves doing this story about a teacher, preferably from Colorado, forcing their liberal ideas on their impressionable students. The story usually includes an offended Republican student who bravely comes forward to tell how they were ostracized for their conservative views by the mean liberal. An outraged Megyn Kelly offered the campaign "08" version with poor Sarah Palin as the victim of a Colorado ( FOX lucked out) teacher who supposedly forced his students to critique Palin's convention speech.

The offended student told Kelly that after the teacher gave the assignment he asked to hear from the Republican's in class and when five kids raised hands another student said, "F**k You*. Kelly was aghast inquiring about the teacher's response. The student, very nervous by now, said he did nothing and someone said he chuckled. Wasn't she there to witness the chuckle for herself?

Then she revealed that she didn't report it but when her brother heard he wrote it up for World Net Daily. Kelly was forced to admit that the teacher changed the assignment allowing them to critique any candidate's speech using the same criteria. She anxiously noted that she didn't want him fired but Megyn Kelly, mentored by Bill O'Reilly, clearly wanted him to pay.

FOX News has used this liberal bashing tactic especially around election time. In 2006 Hannity offered to pay students $100 to tape their liberal teacher's Bush bashing. Now that's real journalistic integrity.

comment: As a teacher, I can assure Megyn Kelly that kids all over the country routinely curse each other out over elections. In my school Democrats take the heat so Kelly's outrage and the young woman's hurt feelings are not reality based. In fact, a teacher in my school recently based an assignment on the Obama myths and I was questioned about an Inconvenient Truth poster in my room.