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More Pimping of Palin And McCain On Fox&Friends

Reported by Priscilla - September 18, 2008 -

With only a little over a month left in the campaign season, Fox News has abandoned any pretext at being “fair and balanced.” Apart from some commentary from Bob Beckel (which was consumed with “joking” about his part in the Mondale campaign) the first hour and a half of Fox&Friends could have been scripted by the RNC. Little attention was given to the current Wall Street problem (too complicated for the folks in the Fox “heartland”) but lots of attention was given to smearing Obama in between clips of Palin’s interview (described by Gretchen Carlson as Palin’s “big night”) with Fox’s Sean Hannity. The little buddies asked their audience to send e-mails about whether Hannity was “more fair and balanced” than Charlie Gibson. Although I didn’t stick around long enough to hear the e-mails, I think it is safe to surmise what the answers were. I will highlight some of the low lights during the period in which I watched this right wing Kindergarten show.

The clips of Palin were set up to reinforce the Fox meme that poor, poor Sarah is being “attacked” by nefarious forces in the MSM and evil liberals. After showing Palin stating that “people are seeing through political cheap shots,” Carlson said that “when she’s not completely under attack, we get to know her.” (Comment: maybe when she actually does a press conference or appears on more news shows, we can get to know her even better.). Former weather reader and MENSA member, Steve Doocy (does he practice those facial expressions or are they natural?) said, in a deliberately incredulous voice, “You mean the Inquisition?”). On cue, Hannity’s question to Palin “will the attacks be successful” was played. (Comment: Propaganda point, repeat after me, Sarah Palin is being attacked.)

The attack theme was a perfect segue for the next segment during which the three kids were outraged about Palin’s e-mail being hacked and published on “Gawker.” Doocy said, in a very serious tone, that this is a “federal offense” and said that Palin’s ability to handle this terrible thing might score her political points. What the gang didn’t address was the fact that Palin’s e-mail is also being examined by federal authorities who are investigating her role in the firing of Alaska’s public safety commissioner. As noted by Time Magazine: “After the hacks were made public, both private accounts were deleted — an act that could technically constitute destruction of evidence. The Alaska Governor could also face charges for conducting official state business using her personal, unarchived e-mail account (a crime), with some critics accusing her of skirting freedom-of-information laws in doing so. An Alaska Republican activist is trying to force Palin to release more than 1,100 emails she withheld from a public-records request, the Washington Post reported last week.” (Comment: More “nasty attacks” on Palin whose conduct is strangely reminiscent of the Bush White House during the Abramoff and DOJ investigations!)

Two recent campaign ads were aired – one from Obama and the other from McCain. Gretchen liked the McCain ad because it had a baby at the end of it. Former weather guy Doocy didn’t like Obama’s ad because it talked about raising taxes on the wealthy who, according to Doocy, are the “most successful people in American and the ones who make the economy hum.” It was a true ROFL moment as it came after Palin’s comments, during the Hannity interview, about how the economic crash was due to the corruption on Wall Street – you know, the people who make the “economy hum.”

A lengthy segment was dedicated to an interview with the discredited Iranian “journalist,” Amir Taheri, who recently wrote an Obama smear job for the Murdoch owned NY Post. Taheri’s past “journalism” included a bogus story, in the NY Post, about Iranian Jews being forced to wear yellow stars. His latest screed, quite the rage in the right wing blogosphere, claims that Barack Obama tried to delay an agreement between Bush and the Iraqi government on a troop draw-down. The Foxies did read part of Obama’s response after which they let Tahiri drone on with more misinformation while the Friends exclaimed “wow.” Chyrons read “Is he (Barack Obama) manipulating US policy?” “Stalling tactics” and “Stalling tactics, is he manipulating US policy?” To illustrate his point that Al Maliki doesn’t agree with Obama, Tahiri held up a newspaper written in either Arabic or Farsi. At the end of the interview, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade, said that Tahiri has a “great perspective.” Debunking of the Tahiri story found here.

Comment: I do hope McCain/Palin appreciate the free campaign air time donated by Fox&Friends!!!!!