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Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild Endorses John McCain

Reported by Melanie - September 18, 2008 -

One of the first things I read yesterday morning (September 17, 2008) was an article about bazillionaire uber-elitist and former Hillary Clinton supporter/fundraiser, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild throwing her support to John McCain. The first thing I though was that I'd surely see her on Your World w/Neil Cavuto eventually but man-o-man (a favorite Cavuto phrase), with red meat like that, he didn't wait so much as a day. (Cavuto has paraded Democrats who are supporting McCain across his screen for months, while only once hosting a Republican who supports Obama.)

Yep, Cavuto could hardly contain his glee while "interviewing" Lady de Rothschild who said she thought about who to endorse for a "long, long time" and "looked at all four candidates" before becoming convinced "that John McCain and Sarah Palin are best suited to handle the enormous problems our country has right now. They have the courage, they have the conviction, the experience and they have the background of reaching across the aisle." When they say America first, "I believe them."

Comment: What Cavuto (and the chyrons) didn't say is that Lady Lynn de Rothschild de Let Them Eat Cake is literally a "Lady," as in British royalty, and she is amongst the richest people in the world. Cavuto also failed to inform his audience that - calling into question Lady Lynn's credibility and her ability to think clearly - she once referred to Barack Obama as an "elitist."

Oh, and speaking of elitist, did you know that the jacket Sarah Palin wore while giving her acceptance speech at the RNC cost $2,500?

UPDATE: Let's count the days until Cavuto mentions this: Republican congressman endorses Obama. My bet? He won't.