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Bill O'Reilly Happily Spits In Barack Obama's Face

Reported by Deborah - September 18, 2008 -

Last night's Obama Chronicle segment, exploring the mentors O'Reilly decided were the most influential in Obama's life, was so sloppy and pointless that only the hardcore Obama hating nut cases could have found it convincing. Good old Jeremiah Wright made his first appearance in this smear series and since there are 22 segments to fill, Wright will keep popping up. Author David Freddoso, A Case against Barack Obama, joined Bill killing any pretense of fairness.

O'Reilly stated the obvious truth about Freddoso's bias against Obama but claimed falsely that the book was well researched and a credible source of information. This book review from Huffington Post effectively counters this claim. In fact, it looks like O'Reilly chose one of the mentors based on Freddoso's weak claim. John K. Wilson noted in his review:

"Freddoso also reports that a poet named Frank who was a friend of his grandfather's "can be only one man: Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was reportedly a Communist who worked on behalf of the Soviet Union."(133) Freddoso devotes no less than seven pages of his book to recounting (and even quoting) the dangerous communist poems of Davis and speculations on how the teenage Obama might have been influenced. Freddoso writes, "It would be foolish to fear Barack Obama just because he had a communist father-figure when he was young,"(137) which certainly raises the question: If it's foolish, why did you just spend seven pages stoking that fear?"

Last night's fiasco illustrated the depth of O'Reilly's ruthless duplicity. He personally chose these so-called mentors even though he could have easily explored this issue with Barack Obama personally when he interviewed him last week. Instead BOR picked three mentors who could push all the right buttons in his far right fan base while perpetuating all the damning mythology.

Time after time, before Obama agreed to do the interview, O'Reilly wailed that he had always treated him fairly and therefore Senator Obama had no good reason to refuse to come on. Anyone paying attention, including Obama, knew BOR was full of it but it was easy to imagine that he might lay off after an honest face to face. Now, it's clear that Bill O'Reilly happily betrayed Barack Obama and never had any intention of giving him a break.