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Palin Lied, Hannity Let It Ride

Reported by Ellen - September 17, 2008 -

I’m under the weather so I’m not going to be able to catalogue all the lies that Palin (too cowardly to face Alan Colmes) told during her interview tonight with Sean Hannity but I’m sure others will. Suffice it to say that Hannity, a non-journalist by FOX News’ own standards, did not challenge her on any of her questionable remarks, including the most bizarre one of all, her claim to have found Tina Fey’s SNL lampoon hilarious even though Palin watched it with the sound off. So let's use this as a roundup for other coverage of the interview.

You can watch the interview here, here and here.

I'll list some posts from my own personal blogroll, starting with this one:

Think Progress notes that Palin blamed lobbyists for the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac yet at least 20 of her own and McCain's fundraisers are lobbyists and, more importantly, the McCain-Palin campaign manager headed an advocacy group working against regulatory initiatives for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Please use the comments section to post links to other commentary about the interview.