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Out-0f-Touch Hannity Still Insisting American Economy Doing Well

Reported by Ellen - September 17, 2008 -

One day after the stock market had its worst day in seven years, multi-millionaire Sean Hannity was in a bullyboy pique that Barack Obama suggested the economy is not doing well. With video.

“We’ve had some tough times,” Hannity generously allowed for those, unlike him, who might actually be suffering financially. But then he accused Obama of either panicking, because of his lack of experience, or else trying to exploit what’s happened on Wall Street for his political advantage. “Is that a fair analysis?” Hannity asked guest Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee thought it was perfectly fair. “There’s no doubt that his capacity to understand the economy is limited because, Sean, he’s never run a business.” Then Huckabee laughably compared Obama to Sarah Palin. The way Huckabee told it, Palin's a business maven because she's a former business owner.

Maybe that’s because they couldn’t bring up John McCain, who also has never run a business (and can’t even keep track of his houses), and who can’t seem to figure out whether the economy is strong or in a crisis.

The subject of the economy is obviously a touchy one for the well-to-do Hannity. Last week, he went into a meltdown when a guest said the economy is in trouble.