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Water Boy Neil Cavuto Stands by his Man - Reminds Viewers of McCain's POW Status During a Segment About the Mortgage Meltdown

Reported by Melanie - September 16, 2008 -

One of the segments Neil Cavuto aired today (September 16, 2008) featured two representatives from the group Change To Win. Change to Win staged a protest at John McCain's "luxury condo" outside Washington today to "urge him to change his position on housing relief."

Early on, Cavuto asked one of the two, Chrissy Heineman: "Why McCain's place?" Why didn't you protest in front of Barack Obama's house which "seems to be a big spread. There's plenty of room in there. Ah, why not there?"

Heineman: "The difference is, ah, Barack Obama has walked a day with us. He grew up in a single parent family. He knows what it's like to be us. He's felt what it's like to be us. When you have someone like John McCain who is describing the middle class being someone who makes $5 million or less, ah, he has no concept."

Cavuto: "But Chrissy you're not at all implying that someone who has spent five years in a prison is clueless as to suffering, right?"

Comment: Heineman said "No," of course — Cavuto's question being ludicrous and totally out of context — but hey, when you work for the GOP you've gotta work stuff like that in. Never mind looking like an idiot. It's all for the cause.