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O'Reilly Brags: "I Have Not Called Senator Obama Barry Or Hussein"

Reported by Deborah - September 16, 2008 -

The Obama Chronicles Part 1 opened with O'Reilly congratulating himself for never calling Senator Obama Barry or Hussein as if that was somehow unique and admirable. Then he offered this explanation for choosing to air a 25 part series about Obama. "If you are not going to vote for Barack Obama, you should know exactly why and if you are going to vote for him you should also know the reason." Ignoring his own recent interview with Obama and the FOX documentary examining his "character and conduct", O'Reilly maintained that the truth was still unclear and only he could enlighten the voters. If Senator Obama was watching this slickly spun hatchet job on his family, he might have been wondering why he agreed to the interview with Bill O'Reilly.

O'Reilly was intent on portraying Obama as a victim of an unstable childhood noting with sympathy how difficult this must have been for him and emphasizing how it obviously shaped his personality. BOR noted that Bill Clinton had a similar childhood praising both men for overcoming the emotional trauma but also strongly suggesting that the damage must be there nevertheless.

His treatment of Obama's mother was the most offensive dismissing her as a "hippie" and demeaning her work as a cultural anthropologist. He even had the guts to put her down for taking "decades" to get her Ph.D without bothering to give her an ounce of credit or admiration for doing it at all. In fact, he didn't even mention her area of study.

David Mendell author of Obama: From Promise To Power was on hand but O'Reilly kept him on a tight leash preventing him from altering the picture BOR wanted to portray. Although he noted that Obama's Mom had never done drugs, he made a strange comment about her being a "follower" of Adlai Stevenson. He also commented that " she obviously had children with two different men" instead of saying she married twice.

Neither O'Reilly or Mendell mentioned that Obama's Grandfather was a World War II veteran painting him as a wifty wanderer who was a "bohemian" who liked to listen to jazz. ( Like every other American at that time)

O'Reilly took the last minute to sympathetically offer his admiration for Obama and Clinton reinforcing their connection in viewers minds. He also wanted viewers to be afraid of the dark secrets hiding in Barack Obama's damaged psyche