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FOX News Revives Infanticide Smear Against Obama

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2008 -

It doesn't matter how many times Rove criticizes John McCain's ads or how much Megyn "I love to hate black people" Kelly is a Campbell Brown wannabe, those instances are a drop in the bucket compared to the regular diet of smears and jeers leveled against Democrats on the "fair and balanced" network. Latest case in point, the revival of the infanticide smear against Barack Obama. For at least the fifth time, Hannity & Colmes suggested last night (9/15/08) that Obama wants babies that survive abortions to die even though the smear has been repeatedly debunked by co-host Alan Colmes on the show.

Colmes did a decent job again, as he always does, of rebutting the charge and pointing out that Obama opposed the bill "protecting babies" because there was already one in place in Illinois, a fact that never seems to get mentioned until Colmes does.

What is the point of rehashing this scurrilous and discredited charge other than for the sake of defaming Obama? The fact that there is never a legitimate debate over the candidates' actual positions on abortion proves that the show is not really interested in anything more than a sensational smear for the sake of GOP gain.

The latest feints from Kelly and Rove are nothing more than lipstick on the FOX News pig.