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FOX Friends revisit, rehash Oprah Winfrey issue

Reported by Chrish - September 16, 2008 -

Eight days ago FOX and Friends featured a storyline about Oprah Winfrey not allowing Sarah Palin to appear on her show until after the election. It was followed up the next day with a report of a group of Florida Republican women throwing a collective hissy fit, canceling their "O" subscriptions, and holding their breath not watching the show until Palin is a guest. Dumb story, silly women, perfect for FOX and Friends, irrelevant to the grown-up world. Perhaps because they didn't want to highlight Palin's refusal to cooperate with an investigation that she has previously said she'll cooperate with, or perhaps not wanting to delve too deeply (teehee) into the backstory of yesterday's stock market dive and financial crisis, this morning 9/16/08 they revisited the Oprah bombshell.

FOX News Alert: Oprah still won't have Sarah Palin on her show until after the election.

This is reminiscent of the harrassment of Rosie O'Donnell and FOX's badgering, mocking, sneering campaign to get her off The View - which succeeded. Somehow I don't think they'll make Oprah bow to their will. FOX is fostering an atmosphere with their viewers where if you disagree with someone politcally, they must be ostracized; divide and conquer. And they call themselves patriotic!

There was nothing new today, just a reminder. They even divulged that Oprah herself said "At the beginning of this presidential campaign, when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates," though not the exact quote.

Supposedly the Florida women are incensed because they want to know all about Sarah Palin - hey, wouldn't we all? It seems to me that Palin and McCain are the ones to blame for all the secrecy and mystery, not Oprah. Is the boycott working? asked Doocy, and answered himself that they don't know - haven't seen the ratings, but there's a lot of "bad buzz." Gretchen Carlson read off some topics Oprah had been wanting to explore: Do you have an interesting job for a woman? Do you know a superwoman? (Not a crimefighter, clarified Kilmeade, just a multi-tasker.) Moms, what are you doing right? So why isn't Palin invited on - she has it all.

Carlson admitted that Obama was a guest before he was a candidate, so technically Oprah has kept her word and not had any candidates on. Doocy pointed out that last presidential cycle she had on both W and John Kerry, and W and Gore before that, and he's "sure" that she'll have Obama (again) and McCain on, so why not have Sarah Palin on? Kilmeade disagreed about the presidential candidates, but Doocy continues to dream on - it fits his talking point that Palin is being unfairly singled out - Sarah the victim AGAIN.

Just when I thought Kilmeade was the voice of reason again, he continued speaking. Oprah didn't endorse Hillary Clinton and now won't host Sarah Palin - "some people" are wondering if "there's something wrong with white women with Oprah?"

Doocy related a tale he credited to Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times, of some powerful Democratic Friends of Oprah confronting her "in a ladies restroom" and calling her a traitor for endorsing Obama over Clinton. The actual column applauds Oprah's decisions and her right to make them despite any strong-arm tactics from either side.

The column is also dated September 9th, so the rehashing of this little sidebar of a story is intended only to keep the pot stirred for poor little Sarah Palin, who has to play by Oprah's rules.

There is no new news about Palin but they have to say something about her, keep her in viewers' minds. They can't talk about her flip-flop and refusal to cooperate with an investigation, they can't keep repeating the lies about the bridge and the earmarks because they've been debunked by everyone including Karl Rove, they can't talk about her family and what a great long-distance mom she is, and she is hidden from the press, so this is an act of desperation. Oddly, they're not the least bit concerned about not mentioning the OTHER VP candidate, Joe Biden, for weeks on end. Is it sexism on their part, or just political favoritism? We report, you decide.