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Cavuto Disses the BlackBerry, um, on the Very Day we Learn John McCain Helped Invent it

Reported by Melanie - September 16, 2008 -

Nothing happens by chance on Fox so I perked up this afternoon (September 16, 2008) when I heard Neil Cavuto's "Common Sense editorial." It was titled "Stop E-Mailing and Start Talking to Your Spouse." While politics weren't mentioned, Cavuto generally crapped on BlackBerries, at the end, calling them "stupid." Coincidence that this should be the topic today, the very day the McCain campaign claimed John himself helped create the BlackBerry? No way.

I don't know exactly where this is going but Cavuto's laying the groundwork for something. Thoughts? (How about they're stalling while they wait for the memo as to what to do next? Or, since the devices are "stupid," it doesn't really matter if McCain claimed to have had a hand in inventing them because they're, well, stupid?)