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Fox's Eric Bolling: We have Bush, McCain and SARAH PALIN to Thank for Falling Oil Prices

Reported by Melanie - September 15, 2008 -

Eric Bolling is Fox's go-to guy when it comes to issues surrounding oil and gas. As a matter of fact, according to David Asman, he's "the world's leading oil speculator," so he should know what drives the prices up and and down, right? That's what the audience thinks so what he says must be gold, and this is what he said today (September 15, 2008) about oil "settling down" below $100 a barrel for the first time since March:

"I think there's enough oil around, there's been enough oil around — we talked about this for a long time — we just needed to get access to it. We just needed to get access to it, ah, and we are. President Bush lifted his moratorium, we went down. Ah, John McCain chose Governor Palin as his running mate and we went down further." ... "We're down 30% on the oil price so far. So far. And it can go further. It can go to $85.00."

Here's video:

Comment: Yesterday the Wall Street Journal (also owned by Rupert Murdoch) ran an article about this, saying essentially that it's all about demand, demand, demand: "Eventually, high prices caught up with consumers in weakening big economies, with oil demand declining by a million barrels a day from last year in the world's most-industrialized countries." I don't see anything in there about Sarah Palin.

Bolling seems like a very nice guy but what kind of a person must he really be to tell what I'm sure he knows is a lie? (Not to be lost in all this is the fact that Cavuto let him get away with it.) The trolls — defenders of the likes of Bolling — come on this site and call me out on things like misspellings or an incorrect date, but people like Bolling (and Cavuto and Hannity and O'Reilly and McCain and Palin and...) go on national television and lie their asses off without an apparent care in the world (while most of them simultaneously claim to be good Christians). Amazing isn't it? The double standard and the hypocrisy?

Oh, and if this keeps up, by mid-October Fox will likely be referring to Sarah Palin as the Second Coming.