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FOX Friends cherry-pick Greenspan messages

Reported by Chrish - September 15, 2008 -

As we've often said, what FOX doesn't report is often as revealing of their agenda as what they do choose to report. This morning 9/15/08 on FOX and Friends a few sentences were devoted to the financial upheaval on Wall Street, but criticism of McCain's economic proposals was notably absent.

The news, relegated to the headlines so the bulk of the show could be devoted to the naughty photographer and making excuses for John McCain's Luddite lifestyle, simply stated that Lehman Brothers has filed Chapter 11, Merril Lynch was bought by Bank of America, and AIG was asking for a $40 billion loan to maintain solvency.

Alan Greenspan was shown on ABC's This Week saying it's a "once in a half-century, probably once in a century, type of event", and said it was the worst he's ever seen, by far, and it still is not resolved.

Since they were quoting Greenspan, you'd think they might mention that he told Bloomberg News on Saturday

that he cannot get behind McCain's proposed $3.3 billion in tax cuts, saying "unless we cut spending" the nation cannot afford cuts that big.

"Unless it's paid for on the so-called pay-go, I'm not in favor of it," Greenspan said. "I'm not in favor of financing tax cuts with borrowed money.''

But no, that would not suit the prime directive of getting McCain elected and maintaining the status quo..