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Speaking of banning books, FOX and Friends lists History texts deemed insufficiently reverent of Reagan on website

Reported by Chrish - September 14, 2008 -

Larry Schweikart, author of "48 Liberal Lies about American History" was a guest on FOX and Friends Friday 9/12/08 to promote his book and to further the condemnation of American public education for FOX viewers. Gretchen Carlson offered the FOX platform for Schweikart to name the books that "parents should be aware of."
With video.

Schweikart's main, if not only, criteria for judging these books is their storytelling of the Reagan years. He argues with their numbers on the Reagan economy, deficits and debts, and in his book has made his own charts to counter the "liberal" ones. He also defends Reagan against the claim that Gorbachev was responsible for the dissolution of the Soviet empire and says that contrary to one book's claim, Star Wars worked.

Carlson, the sole interviewer, asked how should parents tell if their kids' textbook is a distortion? The guest advised that they check the index "Reagan" sections, where the bias is most quickly and easily identifiable. Carlson directed viewers to the FOX and friends webpage, where "there's a whole list of books" (four) named.

I wonder what those books have to say about McCarthyism?

Note that Carlson, a mom herself, was the interviewer, reaching out to other concerned moms who are traditionally and statistically more likely to be engaged in the children's education. As much as she has been railing about alleged "sexism" towards Sarah Palin, she is herself a tool for FOX's sexism.