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Sam Brownback Can’t Defend Palin’s Lies About Earmarks

Reported by Ellen - September 14, 2008 -

Republican Senator Sam Brownback was the only guest for the first segment on Friday night’s (9/12/08) Hannity & Colmes devoted to spinning discussing Sarah Palin’s embarrassing interview on ABC News. Brownback executed his Palin cheerleading well enough during the first half of the discussion. But when Alan Colmes asked about the contradiction between Palin’s claim to be an earmark foe and her record of taking $200 million in earmarks this year, alone, Brownback was obviously stumped. After a long pause, he kept trying to change the subject to John McCain. With video.

The interview began with substitute co-host Rich Lowry (Sean Hannity was probably off conferring with Karl Rove somewhere on ways to make Palin look good during their his interview with her next week).

Lowry commented about Palin’s ABC interview, “She obviously has a learning curve on some of this stuff” (Yeah, “stuff” like foreign policy) “but I thought she came through this thing fine.”

Brownback agreed and after Lowry took a swipe at Gibson’s “incredibly high-handed and condescending” treatment of Palin (a complaint that will surely not be heard on FOX after Hannity’s lovefest interview), the discussion digressed to an out and out promotion of Palin that could not have made Hannity prouder.

“What will it mean for the country, for people with special needs to have Trig (Palin) potentially growing up in the Naval Observatory?” Lowry asked innocently.

Brownback veered off into an anti-abortion/pro-Palin twofer. “90 percent of the children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome are killed in utero in the United States. It is horrific! It is horrific! ...What we’re trying to do is to say, if you are in that situation and you get that diagnosis, don’t kill the child! There are a number of people that want to adopt children like that. And that that’s the right answer. And Sarah Palin’s life, what they have done in their family, I think is going to save a lot of lives of children in that type of situation."

A family photo of Palin, her husband and infant son, appeared conveniently on the screen.

Unfortunately for Brownback, Alan Colmes wanted to talk facts about Palin’s remarks. Colmes said, “She was for the Bridge (to Nowhere), she tried to get the funding, she couldn’t get the funding. Then she was against it. She received 27 million in federal funding when she was mayor of Wasilla. She got 200 million just this year, alone, in earmarks. For her to pose as somebody who’s been against earmarks is disingenuous, to put it kindly.”

There was a long pause. Finally, Brownback said, “Well, Alan, I hope you also look at the head of the ticket and you know the situation better than I do. It’s the head of the ticket that sets the policy. And John McCain has never asked for a single one. And I guarantee you, I guarantee you, he is going to veto bills that have anything...”

Colmes interrupted to say, “We’re talking about what she said. She’s the one giving this interview, claiming she’s against earmarks, which isn’t true.”

Another long pause before Brownback spoke. “Well, it IS true,” he said. “I mean, she is saying that at this point in time, look what we’ve done in dealing with...”

Colmes interrupted again. “She got 200 million this year.”

Another pause. Brownback said, “Well, the other thing I’d point out, Alan, is she took on an old boys’ network in a tough situation. And you know she did. And she beat ‘em.”

In other words, he could not rebut Colmes' assertions.