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FOX Friends damage control after Palin-Gibson interview

Reported by Chrish - September 14, 2008 -

As expected. FOX and Friends 9/12/08 defended Sarah Palin's performance on ABC the previous night 9/11/08. Interviewer Charles ("Charlie") Gibson was criticized for asking if she had "hubris," wondering why Barack Obama was not similarly accused. (FNC contributors Juan Williams, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, anchor/VP Neil Cavuto, and what's this? Steve Doocy have all accused Obama of "arrogance."

First, Steve Doocy defended Palin with his remark that the interview was heavily edited, "for time, and for context?" This is disengenuous at best; the O'Reilly interviews with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were also heavily edited (and conducted not by one of their "objective journalists" but by their premier bloviator and pundit who just put on his "journalist" hat for the night - riiiight.)

Gretchen Carlson defended her next, complaining that we're reading into "every possible word and phrase, and the intonation of how she said things," also disengenuous because as we all know, Bill O'Reilly (switching into his more comfortable clown hat) has a regulary scheduled segment with a Body Language Expert to dissect every blink, every scratch, every tilt of his guests heads. Carlson is worried that the blogs got the word out first and that's what's going to stick - the shock that Palin was bewildered by the phrase "Bush Doctrine" and all FOX's efforts to excuse that ignorance will be for naught.

Back to Doocy, who read only flattering, positive reviews from a few newspapers, ignoring negative coverage in the mainstream media and attributing criticism to "left-leaning blogs."

Doocy defended Palin's position that "we don't know" that global warming is caused by humans: "it could be cyclical," and Carlson applauded Palin and McCain for holding some different views - although she did not elucidate any.

They disclosed that Palin had been in contact with mega-chuch pastor Rick Warren, to ask for specific Bibleverses on "how to deal with criticism and how to keep [her] confidence up." (He's gonna pray for her.) Doocy spun that to mean that Palin is looking for solace from all the mean blog attack.

Comment: She's probably looking for just the right verse to put in her stump speech to other small-town religionists to get their sympathy and solidarity and get out the right-wing vote. Jesus wept.

FOX is going all out to support the Republican ticket this year, much obviously than in 2004. They must be worried. Sarah Palin's next scheduled "interview" is with completely biased, pro-Republican cheerleader Sean Hannity. If Sarah Palin can't handle a little media scrutiny should she be running for high PUBLIC office? McCain/Palin gets more like Bush/Cheney every day.