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Sarah Palin: Lipstick On A Chicken

Reported by Ellen - September 13, 2008 -

Sean Hannity will promote interview Sarah Palin next week. What are the chances he’ll do anything other than play huckster to her fraudulent political persona? Slim and none. The phony Palin, who postures as a reformer intent on shaking up Washington (once she figures out what a VP actually does), doesn’t even have the guts to face questions from Alan Colmes. Bok, bok, bok! Even worse, the New York Times article about this journalistic atrocity perpetuates the hoax.

In the understatement of the year Times reporter Brian Stelter describes Hannity as "generally sympathetic to Ms. Palin." Generally sympathetic? It would be laughable if it weren't a tragedy for our democracy.

Stelter goes on to uncritically report,

According to Fox, "an array of topics will be discussed in the interview including being the vice presidential nominee, her role in the McCain campaign, Iraq and foreign policy, amongst others."

We can just imagine how those issues will be discussed in order that the pouty Palin receive the "deference" she demands:

Hannity's Q1: Despite being ambushed by Charles Gibson, who is obviously on the bus for Obama, you demonstrated a perfect understanding of the Bush Doctrine and the importance of the Iraq War in the fight against Muslim extremism. You acknowledged that there have been some flaws in that execution, which you and Senator McCain will fix when you bring real change to Washington, but do you feel that thanks to McCain's surge that we are now safer as a result, so long as Barack Obama is unable to undermine our troops and embolden our enemies?

Another possibility: Your courage in the face of the unbelievably malicious smears and besmirchments coming from the Democrats is part of what has made you a rock star in Republican politics. Do you think the Democrats' deliberate attempts to destroy you are going to backfire?

Or: You really have the all American family. What would you say if your son or daughter was friends with an unrepentant terrorist like William Ayers instead of making the courageous choices they have made?

What "questions" do you anticipate Hannity asking?