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FOX coverage most unfair, unbalanced

Reported by Chrish - September 13, 2008 -

Ellen and I have both noted that the coverage on FOX of the two conventions was disproportionally slanted in favor of Republicans both weeks. We've all also noticed that FOX has become practically all Republican, all the time.

In fact, we were kidding about coming up with an "FNC" equivalent to Doocy's sneering "National Barack Channel." (Feel free to make suggestions below, but keep in mind that if you want it to catch on widely you should probably avoid the obvious first word.)

We weren't off in our casual observations. MediaMatters did a study over the past week and reached the same conclusion but they have numbers and graphics:

"Summary: Of the total time Fox News devoted to unfiltered campaign clips between September 5 and September 9, 78 percent was of the Republican candidates and their surrogates, with 22 percent devoted to the Democrats. Moreover, all three cable networks devoted more airtime (significantly more in the cases of Fox News and MSNBC) to, and broadcast a significantly greater number of, clips of the Republican candidates and their surrogates campaigning than of the Democratic candidates and their surrogates on both Fridays after the two national conventions."

"During the five-day period, 47 percent of the time that Fox News devoted to unfiltered clips was spent on clips of Gov. Sarah Palin, 29 percent on clips of Sen. John McCain, 22 percent on clips of Sen. Barack Obama, and no time on clips of Sen. Joe Biden. Similarly, 47 percent of Fox News' clips were of McCain, 25 percent were of Palin, and 19 percent were of Obama."

"Of the total number of clips run on the three cable channels on September 5, 93 percent on Fox News, 77 percent on CNN, and 68 percent on MSNBC were of Republicans."

"While the fact that September 5 was the day after the Republican convention might be cited by the cable networks as justification for the disparate coverage, on the previous Friday, the day after the Democratic National Convention, the cable networks' coverage of candidates also skewed heavily in favor of the Republican candidates. On August 29, of the time devoted to unfiltered clips of candidates and their surrogates, Fox News and CNN both devoted 98 percent to the Republicans, while MSNBC devoted 86 percent to them."

"For September 6-9, the rest of the period monitored, Fox News continued to have skewed coverage while the other two networks were more balanced. Fox News devoted 77 percent of its total clip time length to Republicans, while CNN and MSNBC devoted 51 and 52 percent, respectively, to Republicans."

I have nothing to add except thank goodness for MediaMatters. Read the rest of the article including methodology and graphs here.