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ED Hill Flip Flops On Palin's Super Mom Choices

Reported by Deborah - September 13, 2008 -

ED Hill visited Bill O'Reilly last night to talk about all the sexist show biz types making jokes about Sarah Palin supposedly because she's a working mom and not because of her qualifications or record as a mayor or governor. Hill opened with a tirade about Palin's persecution by people who look down on working moms then soon after, in the same segment, changed her position completely opining that Palin should have rejected the VP offer for her daughter's sake.

O'Reilly framed Hill as the person most like Palin because she balances a career and eight kids. Hill made a good point that nobody has the right to pass judgment on a Palin's choice to do the same. (However, since Palin has shamelessly exploited her "soccer mom" status to get votes, this issue is open for discussion by the media and voters.)

Then later in the segment Hill opined that she thought Palin should have rejected the VP offer because the media attention would hurt Bristol Palin who is experiencing a personal crisis . Hill also suggested that Palin should have kept a closer eye on her daughter.

BOR assured Hill that he would handle anyone who dared to attack Palin. In that case, will Hill be branded a pinhead next week in his Pinheads & Patriots segment? Don't hold your breath.