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In Honor Of 9/11, Hannity Smears Democrats As Anti-American

Reported by Ellen - September 12, 2008 -

Barack Obama and John McCain put aside their political differences in order to honor the solemnity of the September 11 anniversary, but on last night's (9/11/08) Hannity & Colmes, “Great American” Sean Hannity blatantly used it as an excuse to smear Democrats with a load of distortions in order to paint them as un-American. With video.

As we have come to expect from Hannity, he preceded his attack by accusing the other side of what he was about to do: disrupt the unity after 9/11. It’s a neat trick that, perhaps in his mind, justifies what his forthcoming action and camouflages it at the same time. But for an experienced Hannity-watcher, an accusation from Hannity is a dead giveaway about what he will do, himself, momentarily.

The guest, for a double segment, was – who else? Rudy Giuliani. Hannity forgot that he can’t trust anyone who has committed adultery and adopted his usual tone of reverence with Giuliani. In his sincere voice, Hannity said, “One of the things – you know, both Senator Obama and Senator McCain talked about how America came together. One of the things that I did on my radio show today is I played how all the clips from that day – played it to a Michael W. Smith song. And then I played Dick Durbin accusing our troops of being Nazis (fact check: Durbin never accused the troops of being Nazis). Then I played John Kerry saying our troops are invading homes and going after women and children (another distortion). Then I played John Murtha and all the incendiary comments about George Bush. How did we get from there to where we are now, which is Democrats have said the most atrocious things: The surge has failed, the war has lost. You know, Barack Obama said, 'We’re air raiding villages and killing civilians.' (a mischaracterization of Obama's statement) How did we get there?”

Fortunately, Giuliani backpedaled a bit when Colmes called him on the notion of blaming Democrats for a lack of bipartisanship.

“Is it just the fault of Democrats?” Colmes asked. As Giuliani immediately insisted it wasn’t, Colmes said, “Blaming Democrats is part of the problem and pointing fingers at a political party."

Funny how Colmes’ time was quickly up just then, even though he got about half as much time with Giuliani as Hannity had.